30 GBit/s DE-CIX  10. November 2010

The MPLS and multi-redundant core network of Core-Backbone was expanded again. Today the following uplink upgrade has been successfully conducted:
– Another 10 GBit/s DE-CIX

Thus the following external links are being provided:
– 20 Gbit / s Tinet International Network
– 30 Gbit / s DE-CIX (German Internet Exchange)
– 20 Gbit / s Noris Network AG
– 20 Gbit / s N-IX (Nuremberg local exchange node)
– 11 Gbit / s Deutsche Telekom AG (upgrade done here by the end of Q4/2009)
– 10 Gbit / s Lambdanet Communications AG (upgrade done here by the end of Q4/2009)
– 1 Gbit / s V-IX (Vienna Exchange knots)
– 1 Gbit / s INXS (Munich local exchange node)

Between each site are connection fibers with a capacity from 20 GBit/s to 80 GBit/s ( a maximum of 800 GBit/s is possible at the current state) to ensure, even in a case of failure or fiber cut, a perfect connectivity.