Core-Backbone welcomes New York City!  1. April 2014

Core-Backbone welcomes New York City!

We have opened a new POP in New York City, which is located in the TelX New York Datacenter, 111 8th Avenue. At Big Apples “Place to Be” we are connected to the DE-CIX New York and the NYIIX, which gives us the ability to quote DE-CIX… mehr erfahren

New POP in Hong Kong  25. March 2014

New POP in Hong Kong

We have opened a new POP in Hong Kong. It is located in the Equinix Inc. Datacenter. This location has joined our backbone. Now we can offer Layer2-Connections and IP-Transit to our customers in Hong Kong. If you are interested in this products just get in touch

Upgrade at DE-CIX, Frankfurt and AMS-IX, Amsterdam  21. March 2014

Upgrade at DE-CIX, Frankfurt and AMS-IX, Amsterdam

With immediate effect we have two new 100G Ports at DE-CIX, Frankfurt and AMS-IX, Amsterdam connected. In the course of this upgrade we have equipped our routers with 100G Interfaces. Furthermore we are registered as an official reseller of the DE-CIX. If you are interested in a… mehr erfahren

Merry christmas and a happy new year!  24. December 2013

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

We would like to thank all customers and supplier for this very successful year 2013. We wish everybody merry christmas and a happy new year – and wishes for a long-term, successful, cooperative partnership and happy co-operation in the new year 2014! Many thanks to all… mehr erfahren

Level(3) opens POP  27. August 2012

Carrier opens Point of Presence!

Level 3 Communications opens a Point of Presence in October 2012. This POP is fully redundant and the central POP for the region “Franken” in Germany. This POP will be installed in our Datacenter in Nuremberg. This cooperation between Level(3) and Core-Backbone is a reinforcement of the region and… mehr erfahren

  26. February 2012

Routing has a name: Juniper Networks

Network experts know: If you want to operate a reliable and powerful network, one name must not miss: Juniper Networks. For a solid business, it’s not possible to imagine one without the other. In our backbone, there are now ten Juniper MX machines in action. From the MX80… mehr erfahren

Exchangepoint N-IX  10. February 2012

Cooperation with N-IX

The local exchange point N-IX is now directly available at our datacenter park. This is now possible due to a cooperation with the operator of the exchange Teamix GmbH. Therefore all carriers in the region are now available in our datacenters:

- KPN… mehr erfahren

Backbone Upgrade  13. December 2011

Network interconnect with Global Crossing

To enhance the quality of our network, we have connected another Tier-1 carrier to our backbone. Global Crossing is operating the AS3549 and was bought up in the year 2011 by Level 3 Communications. But both networks are operated completely independent.
Further informations can be found at their homepage… mehr erfahren

Backbone upgrade  28. June 2011

Internet exchange LINX and SWISSIX

To improve the international connectivity, further exchange points have been connected to our network:
* – International internet exchange in London, England
* – Internet exchange in Switzerland

Especially the upgrade at the LINX enables us to set up peering’s to the largest Indian… mehr erfahren

30 GBit/s DE-CIX  10. November 2010

30 GBit/s DECIX – total capacity at 113 GBit/s

The MPLS and multi-redundant core network of Core-Backbone was expanded again. Today the following uplink upgrade has been successfully conducted:
– Another 10 GBit/s DE-CIX

Thus the following external links are being provided:
– 20 Gbit / s Tinet International Network… mehr erfahren

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