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Our offers:

Housing 2 U
Housing Rack


From single units to full racks up to an own cage, whatever size your need, we are able to provide it in our datacenter.

The established, concerted and multiple tested infrastructure is to your disposal. This perfect framework allows you in every aspect the security to run your applications without failure.

Access to the datacenter

If you decide to rent a rack, or even a full cage, we can grant you access via our access-control 24/7. Also you have the possibility to use our 24/7 stand-by service to carry out duties to avoid time and cost intensive commutes to our data-centre. Our experts are trained to deal with all events.

Traffic – the transferred volume

We will run our server in our datacenter and connect them with flexible traffic packages and accounting methods to the outside world. It depends on your needs which possibilities we can offer you. It can be said that your internet connection is considered an inside tip by IT-personal.


Gladly we will consult you via telephone. Please give us the opportunity to present us to you directly.

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