Core-Backbone adds two new PoPs: e-shelter Frankfurt und Interxion Copenhagen  28. September 2017

In September, we added two more Points-of-Presence to our network. With immediate effect, our services are available at Interxion Copenhagen and e-shelter Frankfurt.

e-shelter Frankfurt

e-shelter Frankfurt is already our sixth Datacenter location in Frankfurt. Because of the large success of the DE-CIX, Frankfurt has not only became the most important Internet site in Germany and Europe, furthermore its’ named worldwide the Internet capital. Moreover, Frankfurt is one of the largest financial markets in Europe. The e-shelter Datacenter connects both worlds: Internet and Finance. Due to high security standards e-shelter Frankfurt is perfect for financial industry customers.

e-shelter is one of the leading Datacenter operators in Europe providing highly secure environments for housing and connectivity of IT and network systems. With a presence in all key city-markets of the DACH-region, e-shelter leverages 300 MW of power capacity and 90,000 sqm of Datacenter space to deliver scalable Datacenter solutions. Among e-shelter’s clients are financial services companies, telecoms operators, Public sector, IT service and outsourcing providers as well as cloud service providers.


Interxion Copenhagen

With Copenhagen, we gain another site in Northern Europe. It’s directly connected to our existing PoPs in Hamburg and Stockholm. As Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is not only the cultural but also the economical center of the country. The city is spread on different islands connected via bridges and tunnels. On the East side, Copenhagen borders on Malmö, a Swedish metropolis on the mainland.  Owing to its good geographical situation between North and Baltic Sea, Copenhagen has been a major commercial town for centuries. If you are interested in our services just get in touch with us.