The Datacenter – a secure harbour for your data

Perfect Conditions

With three datacenters we have been able to create the perfect environment to satisfy your individual requirements.
Our datacenters have been especially designed and connected to allow high-availability solutions. Each datacenter is located in a different fire sections and the geographically distance between ensures independence.
The main focus is set on:

  • independent power supply
  • redundant internet connection
  • redundant air condition

Nonetheless the separate datecenters are interconnected via four redundant glass fibres (darkfibers) to allow a data exchange for cluster and high availability systems.

Strategic Placement

Our datacenters are located in the Deutscherrnkarree in Nuremberg, a business campus in the center of the city. Nuremberg has been a considerably European exchange hub for trading since the middle ages. What started hundreds of years ago, has now evolved into the form of modern internet-infrastructure. Nuremberg has become a point of intersection between east and west, south and north in terms of internet connectivity, and not only on a national but international scale.

Thus makes it the ideal spot for your infrastructure.


Our multi redundant outside connections, this includes direct links to major exchange points Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Munich, Vienna and Zurich, assure an optimum performance in the World Wide Web.


Due to the independent, uninterruptible power-supply with diesel generators and multiple feeds from separate energy provider, your equipment is still fully functional if a provider is not able to supply electricity. The air condition concept is designed following the n+2 principle and ensures a constant cooling for all systems within the datacenters.

Perfectly secure

Modern physical access control, video surveillance 24/7 of all areas with recording, fire detectors, on campus security as well as extensive security measurements ensure together with our trained employees an ideal 24/7 protection for your sensible data.

By spreading your systems between the various data-centres, an economical high-availability set up is achieved without the loss of performance due to high latency between the different locations. Furthermore our sensible data is not transferred through public media.