Cluster / Content delivery network

You are going to need a lot of power?


The decision to build a cluster system can have various reasons. For example the validation against hardware malfunctions, software failures or human errors or the necessity to provide more resources for the application.


You are dependent on to 24/7 full access for you customers?

Then we have the adequate conditions and concepts to reach this goal together.

Starting with the design and realisation of our datacenters and their infrastructure up to future capacities, our infrastructure are designed to support you and your systems with fail-safe connectivity.

We plan and implement together with you the needed capacities and requirements, including future growth, to ensure the best connectivity possible.

We are building systems for you, spread redundant over multiple datacenters, to ensure that your business is uninterrupted by outer influences.

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If your systems are starting to show signs of weakness under heavy load, and aren’t capable any more to supply your applications with the correct performance you might also consider to distribute the load onto multiple servers – a cluster.

If it is only for a specific part of your infrastructure, like your database, or an entire, sustainable new concept of the technological base of your company, a full and thorough review of the existing systems quickly shows the existing weaknesses.

We determine your individual needs for your application and are planning with you the improvement of your system. Then we implement the agreed changes in pre-defined steps and targets within time and financial limits.

We are at your disposal and would happily accept any challenge you set for us.