Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers, from us to you – individually designed for your requirements!


Your server is dedicated only to your service and your applications alone. Your hardware is designed following your desires and needs in cooperation with our distributor and is set up as quickly as possible.


A Server is tailored to your requirements. With the use of the most modern, technological advanced hardware you are well equipped for future growth.


This includes full service. From consulting, to hardware advice, to the connection to the internet in our datacenter we will handle the entire arrangement. As well as offering even more extensive service in form of managed services.

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Therefore you have a wide range of advantages by choosing us, such as fiscal security and location independence. We are a reliable partner on your side who runs your infrastructure in first class datacenter in the hearth of Europe.

Always there for you

In case of a problem, if it is a technical fault, an upgrade or a software problem, we will assist you as much did to begin with. The organisation of equipment to extend your infrastructure and the installation of components are not challenging to us. If it is the planning of future capacity or advice in estimating trends we are happy to assist you.


Gladly we will consult you via telephone. Please give us the opportunity to present us to you directly.