Protection of Privacy

Core-Backbone GmbH only collects, processes and uses personally related data of a user without any additional required consent if such data are required for setting up and winding up a contractual relationship as well as for billing purposes.

The privacy of your personally related data in collection, processing and use during your visit to our webpage is important to us. Your data are kept safe in the framework of statutory regulations. Below you will find information on which data is recorded during your visit to our webpage and how those data are used.

1. Personal data which we absolutely need to identify you
If you register for the purchase of services for free or subject to a fee, order a product from us or subscribe to a newsletter we ask for your personal data. We need such data in order to make the corresponding services available to you and to fulfil the contract we have signed with you. The following data are collected: form of address, first name, last name, email address, street with house number, postal code and town. These obligatory inputs are marked off with an asterisk (“*”). You may give additional voluntary information such as your dialling code (area code), your mobile number and your homepage.

2. The office in charge of processing your personally related data is:
Core-Backbone GmbH, managing director Daniel Maresch, Deutschherrnstrasse 15-19, 90429 Nuremberg.

3. Use of your required data
We use the data you gave us to process and carry out your order. We in that case retrieve those personally related data that are necessary for us for the service in question and its personalisation. We additionally keep a record of your consent to collection and processing of your personally related data. Should you, however, not give your consent we are not able to make the application or service you selected available to you. With your access to this webpage, potential identification data (IP address) and other information (date, time, page viewed) are saved on our server for purposes of data security. No evaluation of the data occurs except for statistical purposes and even then in anonymised or pseudonymised form (i.e., IP address shortened to the domain level). All of your personally related information is stored by Core-Backbone GmbH on a specially shielded server and only used for purposes for which you made them known to us. To delete your customer entry in our database a simple letter will suffice by post, fax or email to:

Core-Backbone GmbH
Daniel Maresch, Managing Director
Deutschherrnstrasse 15-19
90429 Nuremberg
Tel.: +49 (0)911-310432-00
Fax: +49 (0)011-310432-99

Upon complete settlement of the contract and complete payment of the purchase price your data are blocked for further use and deleted after the tax law and commercial law regulations no longer apply. We store the text of the contract and send you the order data and our standard business terms by email. You can inspect the standard business terms at any time at http://www.core

4. Disclosure of personally related data
The personally related data identified in item 1 are only used internally by Core-Backbone GmbH. There is only disclosure to companies that are involved in fulfilment of the contract. For settlement of payments we disclose your payment data to our main bank. Your personally related data are otherwise not disclosed to third parties, unless we are obliged to disclose them on the basis of a court order or administrative order of a public authority or if you have given us your express consent to do so. You have the opportunity to solicit advertising matter such as in the form of a newsletter and to consent to its being sent to you. You may actively request such transmission of your personally related data with registration via a so-called “double opt-in procedure.” By means of the double opt-in procedure we ensure that your personally related data are not used improperly by third parties. With the double opt-in procedure you receive, after registering for the newsletter, first of all an email containing a so-called confirmation link that you must click on separately before you will receive our newsletter.

5. Consent to email advertising/newsletter
By checking in the box for the newsletter you agree to regularly receive interesting offers by email. Your email address will not be given by us to other companies. This consent to use your email address can be revoked for the future at any time by deactivating the check in the box for the newsletter or by clicking on the link to cancel the newsletter.

6. Consent to registration in our customer database
For future orders with our internet shop you may register and request inclusion in our customer database.

7. Consent to the use of cookies
If the user logs in to the operator deposits a cookie in the user’s computer that identifies him for 24 hours by his user ID and password. Cookies are small text files deposited on the user’s computer. If the user in his browser settings prohibits depositing cookies that identify him for 24 hours then no use of the server is possible. The cookie becomes unusable 24 hours after first being deposited in the user’s computer.

8. Recall of consent
Consent in regard to storage of your personally related data, your consent to collection and storage of your other voluntary data and the additional consents discussed above are something you can cancel again at any time in writing or electronically. You may do this by email as well as in writing by letter or by fax.

Core-Backbone GmbH
Daniel Maresch, Managing Director
Deutschherrnstrasse 15-19
90429 Nuremberg
Tel.: +49 (0)911-310432-00
Fax: +49 (0)911-310432-99

9. Nature of data analysis
Core-Backbone GmbH conducts analysis of user behaviour on websites of Core-Backbone GmbH. These analyses are carried out since we make every effort to constantly improve our websites. The
analysis carried out is not personally related but is generated anonymised or pseudonymised. We do not inform anyone who has visited a specific offer or when he did so. We only do this if you have expressly authorised us to disclose this.

10.Information, correction, blocking or deletion of personally related data
According to the Federal Data Privacy Act you have a right free-of-charge to information about your stored data as well as a right, where applicable, to have that data corrected, blocked or deleted.

11. Security
We deploy technical and organisational measures to secure our internet platform and other systems against loss, destruction, modification or dissemination of your data by unauthorised persons. Despite regular checks of the measures taken for data security attacks, attacks may occur on the systems of Core-Backbone GmbH, for instance from the internet and penetration of the service by attackers can occur. You should always treat your access information confidentially and close the browser window when you have ended communication with us, in particular if you share the computer with others.

12. Cookies
On our website we use cookies in order to enhance the attractiveness of our service for you and to make certain inputs easier for you. Cookies are small text files that are deposited on your computer. The setting of cookies is necessary to transmit your order information. By depositing cookies and storing your contact information on the order form we eliminate the need for you to fill out the order form again with any additional order from our shop. You can set your browser so that you are informed about deposit of cookies and can decide on a case-by-case basis to accept them or reject them. But you can also delete the cookies completely from your computer’s hard drive via the settings of your browser as well.

13. Notes on data privacy
We ask you not to forget that information you voluntarily communicate publicly such as in chats, forums, in information you transmit online, etc. can be collected and processed by third parties. This can entail your receiving unsolicited or unwanted messages. Please be careful when making your personally related data publicly known and avoid this if possible. Please also be careful to keep your passwords secret and keep them safe from access by unauthorised persons.

14. Proviso about changes
Core-Backbone GmbH makes this statement about data privacy under the proviso that it may change this at any time in compliance of legal requirements.

Status: December 2011