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Michael Kremer is employed at Core-Backbone as an apprentice for specialist information technology for system integration. In spring, he celebrated his third anniversary with the company.

As an IT specialist trainee and member of the support team, he works together with his colleagues on technical customer questions, orders and assignments, which range from assembling server hardware and hardware replacement to configuration changes on network devices.

You can read the whole interview with Michael Kremer below.

  1. What is special about your job? What do you like about your duties?
    Regarding the hardware area, the individual error cases on the customer servers are particularly exciting, which can have a variety of causes, and therefore it is very rarely for them to have the same causes. On the software side, I like to work with the CLIs of Juniper switches and routers.
  2. How did you enter CBB?
    Through a person in my circle of friends, I heard that Core-Backbone was looking for trainees in the field of IT specialist for system integration. As the technical nature of the job appeals to me very much, I applied for the trainee position. However, my application was submitted during a period when no new apprentices could be hired, so I started working at Core-Backbone before the apprenticeship began as part of an entry-level qualification.
  3. You will finish your apprenticeship in the summer. What do you want to do after that?
    I will continue to stay with Core-Backbone after completing my apprenticeship and will continue to train and develop here.
  4. Would you recommend the apprenticeship at CBB to others? Why?
    At Core-Backbone, you get a lot of insight into the different areas of the profession and can decide in which direction you would like to continue your education. Personally, I would recommend the training at Core-Backbone to those seekers who are willing to learn, who are able to further their education independently and who are interested in the intricacies and details of technology.
  5. What are your professional goals?
    I want to continue to train myself professionally and be trained to reach a point where I could work in any company as a system administrator.
  6. What personality traits should you have as an IT specialist?
    In my opinion, one of the most important skills you should have is googling. Sources of errors are documented on numerous websites and solutions or workarounds exist for many of them.
  7. You are originally from Cologne. How do you like it in Nuremberg?
    I have been living in Nuremberg for about 3 years now and I like the city very much, even though at the beginning I found the people here different compared to my previous environment.
  8. How would you rate the work-life balance at CBB?
    Except for the infrequent and planned field assignments at the various Core-Backbone locations, the working hours are pretty normal. Personally, I find my work-life balance to be very good.
  9. What do you like to do after work?
    In my free time, I dance hip-hop and play various sports as I please. Outside of sports, I play Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon and translate from English to German and vice versa.
  10. What do you appreciate about CBB?
    At Core-Backbone, I particularly appreciate the opportunities I am given here for further training and my colleagues, as well as the opportunity to do sports together with my colleagues during the break.

We would like to thank Michael for his 3 years at Core-Backbone and wish for ourselves many more great years spent together.

Also this year we have open job opportunities in this area and we are looking forward to recruiting more motivated apprentices.


We are looking for REINFORCEMENT!

A wide range of career opportunities await us for IT enthusiasts and all those who want to become one:

We are looking for REINFORCEMENT!

A wide range of career opportunities await us for IT enthusiasts and all those who want to become one:


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